Le PDA WIDEFLY WF43 permet des prises de commandes directement à la table de vos clients évitant ainsi l’innombrable aller-retour entre la salle et la cuisine ou le bar. Véritable compagnon du serveur, il fait gagner un précieux temps au personnel mais aussi à la clientèle. Couplé au logiciel de restauration CLYO POCKET, ce POCKET transmet instantanément les ordres de préparation des plats ou des boissons à n'importe quel point de l'établissement. Léger et compact, il ne gène en aucun les serveurs dans leurs déplacement et génère un gain de temps non négligeable très important aux heures de pointe.

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system CPU & OS §  Intel PXA 624MHz / Windows Mobile 6.5
Memory RAM & Flash Memory §  128MB RAM

§  256MB ROM (System ROM + backup disk + user disk)

Dimension, Weight & 
Drop Specs
Dimension & Weight §  125 x 75 x 19mm (HxWxD) / 197g
Drop Specs §  1.5m drop tested to concrete floor
Display, Sensors,
Buttons & LED
Display & Light Sensor §  4.3” 800×480 WVGA IPS LCD / sunlight viewable

§  Compatible with existing QVGA and VGA application

§  Ambient light sensor for auto LCD brightness

Touch Panel §  IP54 front panel – anti water splash

§  Separated from LCD for easy and low cost replacement

G-Sensor §  Auto screen rotation

§  Auto sleep mode in pocket/holster (unit upside down)

Input Devices & Buttons §  Stylus

§  Power/Reset buttons

§  Left/right buttons (optional for barcode scanner)

Audio, Slots, 
Ports & Cover
Audio, Mic & Ports §  Audio speaker

§  Standard 3.5mm earphone jack

§  Mini-USB for charging and data transfer via PC (ActiveSync)

Protection §  Protective flip cover (protect LCD from breakage)

§  Anti-drop elastic strap / Anti-slip hand strap

Communication Wi-Fi §  802.11 bg 2.4GHz + high sensitivity antenna

§  Exceptional Wi-Fi always-on w/ sleep mode

§  Locked / Single SSID (persistent connection)

Wi-Fi Roaming §  Fast & seamless roaming

§  Configurable roaming trigger level

Bluetooth §  Bluetooth EDR v2.x

§  Support serial port (mobile printer)

Battery & Charging Battery §  Rechargeable Li-ion 2670mAh battery

§  Battery lock prevents accidental reboot

Charging §  Hi-grade power adaptor on mini-USB interface
Power IC Protection §  ESD protections on sockets/plugs

§  Avoid high transient voltage/current, surge or reverse polarity

Charging Cradle §  (Optional) Charging cradle for PDA & extra battery
Extensible Module Detachable Design §  Support detachable external device, e.g. barcode scanner, Magstripe card reader, RFID reader & etc

§  Strong and reliable attachment at PDA’s top

MSR §  (Optional) Magstripe card reader (MSR) add-on module
Barcode Scanner §  (Optional) Barcode scanner add-on module
Remote Desktop 
RDP §  Unique XP-like remote desktop client

§  Support COM port redirection for Bluetooth printer

§  Support full screen, auto-start application and fine tuning of RDP settings

Mass Deployment & ROM Upgrade Backup, Recovery &
§  Complete system backup likt Ghost1

§  Complete system recovery

§  ROM upgrade makes easy like recovery of system by the clone file

User/Admin Mode & Licensing User Mode §  Hardened environment for end users and restrict allowed apps

§  Avoid support due to incorrect configuration changes by end users

§  Prevent access to file manager

§  Prevent access to PDA files by ActiveSync and memory card

Remote Manageability Remote Display & Diagnostics §  Remote access / control tool
File Transfer §  FTP server for remote file upload/download
Features & SDK
Notification and SDK §  Vibrator

§  System & programmable LED

§  SDK for third party development


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